26 January 2010

BYU-SDSU highlights

BYU (20-1) is now ranked 12th in the AP poll and 10th in the coaches' poll.

18 January 2010

Susan Powell and presumption of innocence

If you live in Utah, you know about the Susan Powell disappearance. If you don't know the details of this case, here's a quick rundown:

-Early last December, the entire Powell family were reported missing by extended family members.

-On December 7, the father, Josh, returned to his home with his two children, saying he was returning from camping and had left his wife, Susan, at home. Camping in the west desert in December? With two young kids? On a Sunday night? Weird.

-Susan remained missing. She didn't show up for work the next day, and her purse, containing her keys, and cell phone, were left at her home. Her car was also left.

-The police questioned Josh and his children.

This was all over a month ago. As of today, there is no sign of what happened to Susan.

And as far as I can tell, 100% of Utahns have convicted Josh of murder in their minds.

Based on what?

It seriously makes me mad that people can't be even halfway rational when it comes to this case, or really, any case in which a married woman goes missing. Immediately the public decides the husband is a murderer, and it's all downhill from there.

Sure, in many cases the husband did, in fact, do it (Mark Hacking, for example), but that doesn't mean it's okay to jump the gun and decide someone is guilty before there is any evidence of that fact.

I'm not sure that falls into the category of "righteous judgment," you Mormons out there.

And sure, in this case, Powell may just be very, very good at covering his tracks, and eventually he will be found guilty. But until then, what is served by publicly hanging this guy? It's been reported that he is planning on moving from the state and selling the house, which only enrages the "hang him!" crowd more.

But you know what? If I were him, I'd move, too. No reason to stick around a state where everyone is convinced you're a murdering, lying sack of dog poo.

That's my soapbox rant for the day. If my wife ever goes missing while I'm out doing something weird, I'd like to enjoy the presumption of innocence from my friends and neighbors. Powell deserves it, too.

15 January 2010

Jazz win

I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching this.

Nice shot, young man.

13 January 2010

Blake Griffin done for the season

Remember the Curse of the Clippers?

Still alive and well.

I feel bad for Griffin. He was amazing in college and a lock to be a great player in the NBA, in my opinion. Now he joins Greg Oden on the "big men who missed their rookie seasons thanks to injury" list. I wouldn't want to be paired with Greg Oden at this point, but maybe that's just me.

08 January 2010

My Little Pony

There are some awesome people out there.