18 December 2007

Late-night jaunt to Arctic Circle

After attending a high-school performance of Once Upon a Mattress last night in Idaho Falls, Mandi's pregnant belly craved some kind of delicious drink. The closest vendor of such thirst-quenching products was Arctic Circle, so we headed there.

Arctic Circle, for those of you back East, is a mediocre fast-food restaurant chain located mainly in Utah and Idaho. Occasionally I'll eat their food, mainly because they have fry sauce, but in general I'd rather hit Sonic or Gandolfo's.

But I remembered that Arctic Circle has a drink called the lime rickey, and that may fill my wife's craving.

Some part of my mind understood that the lime rickey is often alcoholic, but I doubted the Arctic Circle version would get Mandi drunk.

Anyway, we made the five-minute drive to the restaurant and pulled up to the drive-thru. I noticed that the menu offered both a lime and cherry rickey. To the purveyor of quickly-prepared sustenance inside I made the query, "What exactly is in the cherry or lime rickey"?

The response, garbled as voice usually is when transmitted through drive-thru speakers, came after a Napoleon Dynamite-ish lengthy sigh.

"We put lime, cherry, or grape in it."

Mandi and I broke into muffled laughter at this extraordinarily helpful definition.

The wife decided to order the cherry rickey, despite her only vague understanding of what it is. Near as we can tell, it's Sprite with cherry flavoring in it.

Why they don't just offer Cherry 7-Up, I don't know.

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