17 December 2007

Monday thoughts

-Boy, this blog is less than a month old, and already my prognostication record is horrible.

First, I go off on how great the Jazz are, and they promptly lose six in a row.

Then I post about how the Dolphins will most likely go 0-16 on the year, and they immediately beat Baltimore, albeit in overtime, ruining a potentially historic season.

And after insinuating that the Patriots might lose against the Jets on Sunday, New England squeaks out a 10-point win in the snow.

Let's just make it clear early that I am horrible at making predictions.

-The first full-length trailer to Batman Begins, named Dark Knight, is available here. This film looks to be as good as its predecessor; Batman Begins is one of the seven I've given legendary status to. Christopher Nolan may be my favorite director, and Christian Bale is among my top-five favorite actors. I need to dedicate an entire post to this.

-The Seattle Supersonics: Cure for What Ails Ya! The Jazz finally won a game, beating Seattle 96-75 Saturday. Of course, since the Sonics have become "Rookie Kevin Durant takes 40 shots a game", forgive me if I'm not overly impressed. Utah plays Atlanta tonight for a shot at winning two in a row.

I'll be posting more later tonight.


The Village of Randomity said...

Yup the new Batman movie looks awesome. Too bad I won't be here to partake in it's goodness. Oh well

Jimmy said...

Dark Knight comes out the last day of Spring Semester. I'm happy because that means I'm pre mission. It's at the point where I see a trailer and the whole time am hoping beyond hope it's out before my mission. Ah well, Matt. Just plan on a post mission DVD party. I know I've already got a few movies in mind.