13 December 2007

The end of my brief return to the stage

As mentioned previously, I've been helping Mandi out with a one-act play she's directing for a class. We performed The Bone Violin tonight to a crowd of thousands.

Or at least fifty.

I have a few minutes of time backstage before I come out, so I was going over my lines and their cues. I had everything down until my third lines, when I discovered I could not remember the lines that came before mine. Panicked, I wracked my brain trying to come up with the important cue. I knew I'd ruin Mandi's play and she'd fail the class and not be able to graduate and it would be all my fault.

Not a good few minutes.

Then I remembered that there isn't a line before mine; the other actors move back to their original positions, and after a beat, I deliver the final phrase of the play.


Anyway, the play went very well. I remembered all three of my lines and everyone else did great. Someone recorded the performance, so I'll probably be able to post a video of it in a few days.


Mandi said...

You did so wonderfully well last night! I love you! And by the way, it's actually "cue", as in, a visual or aural "cue" to perform an action, not "queue" as in a line, waiting for action. You must work in tech support or something :)

Brandon said...

Doh! You're right, my tech-support tendencies took over for a minute there. I'll make the changes.

The Village of Randomity said...

It was a good performance. And when he said, "Lot 13." Oh man, he just stole the show when he recited those lines. The crowd was going crazy.