15 December 2007

Sportsy Post (tm)

Some thoughts on a few current sports topics:

The Patriots can complete the first perfect regular season with by winning its final three games. This would be the first perfect season since the Dolphins did it in 1972. New England's next game is against the Jets. Conventional wisdom prior to this week was that the Pats would destroy this team, mainly because Jets coach Eric Mangini was the one who ratted them out in Cameragate.

But after learning that the forecast in Foxboro for Sunday is snowy with 40 m.p.h. winds, I'm thinking it wouldn't be that much of a shock if the Jets won. The Patriots have been less than impressive on the ground, averaging 78 ypg on the ground over the past five games. Sure, this is mainly due to the fact that Brady has been slinging the ball around like he's Brett Favre, but I'm not sure that Laurence Maroney can run the ball 30 times in a win.

The other fun aspect of the Pats' quest for perfection is that the Dolphins are winless, and have a great chance to go 0-17, setting a new NFL record for futility. The 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers went 0-14, but 17 losses is that much more impressive. The Fins have no defense and a horrible offense. Former BYU QB John Beck started a few games for Miami and didn't achieve any better results than Trent Green or Cleo Lemon have this season.

For one team to go unbeaten and one team to go winless in the same season would be pretty historic. And for the team that went winless to be the same team that first went unbeaten is even more interesting. I think Dolphins fans may commit mass hara-kiri.

Why did the Mitchell Report cost $20 million to make when it basically says, "A bunch of MLB players took steroids and HGH. Roger Clemens is one of them. We got this information from a couple batboys and Jason Giambi."

In other news, the Jazz still stink. They lost to Portland last night, 91-99. Two more games like that and Utah will sit at .500 on the season, after starting 13-5.

Go Jazz go!


The Village of Randomity said...

It appeared as though the weather did not affect the Patriots game too much except for the fact that they only scored 20 points. Also, the Dolphins won, amazingly enough. So I guess those Dolphin fans can put those plans of mass suicide on hold for now. The Mitchell Report is the most retarded thing of all time, who cares??! The Jazz need a presence inside. I would recommend someone akin to Greg Ostertag.

Anonymous said...

I'd like your thoughts, or if you've already posted them please direct me there, on the Pats and their record. You mentioned a fondness for fair play. How are you viewing their season thus far in light of Belichick's illegal sidelines tapings? Any correlation in your mind? Any bitterness?

Brandon said...

Good suggestion, anon. I'll my thoughts on the Pats sometime this week.