31 December 2007

Huckabee is a slimeball

I've been reluctant to comment on Huckabee until now. The first time I saw him speak was on Glenn Beck's show a few months ago, and I was impressed with his articulation and likability. He seemed to stand for a lot of things I agreed with, and I started watching him more closely.

Then the Iowa campaigning began and he set his sights on Romney.

This would be fine, except Huckabee has almost exclusively been using the "Mormons aren't Christian" line in his attacks. His attempt to pander to the evangelical vote in the state is disgusting. As I posted earlier, people shouldn't refuse to vote for someone because of their religious beliefs. Focus on the issues and character traits like honesty. If someone doesn't vote for Romney because they see him as a flip-flopper, I'm fine with that. I disagree, but it's a much more valid reason than "he thinks there are living prophets today, so I'm choosing Huckabee."

As annoying as Huckabee's moves have been so far, today's actions really take the cake.

Huckabee had been "planning" on releasing an attack ad targeting Romney today. He called a press conference and announced he had experienced a change of heart, and was not going to release the ad after all.

He then showed the ad to all the reporters who had gathered, many of which who had cameras.

What a dog.

So far, Fox and CBS have somehow obtained copies of this ad and aired them.

Hey, free advertising for Huckabee!

Weird. I'm sure he didn't anticipate this at all.

Seriously, I hope Huckabee goes down. We don't need another two-faced, smiling dog of a President from Arkansas.

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Matthew said...

The headline says it all.