18 December 2007

The U.S. in financial trouble; Romney the answer?

My approval rating of President Bush is higher than your average American, if the polls can be believed (and that's a whole other post topic), but I'm not happy with how the federal deficit has ballooned while he's been in office.

I'm not an economist, but my understanding is that the government is outspending tax revenue by a few billion dollars a month, and the total federal deficit is in the trillions.

In short, we're in big trouble down the road if we can't fix this.

Who of the major candidates for president is best qualified to deal with this problem?

If anyone can do it, it's Mitt Romney.

His career in business has given him the experience required to look at the numbers and identify key factors in the deficit problem.

He's a Washington outsider. A big reason for all this federal spending is politicians who owe their careers to special interest groups. When the NRA or Greenpeace come calling, these politicians end up spending unnecessary tax dollars to repay the favor. Romney doesn't have those ties.

Romney has done similar things - on a smaller scale - in Massachusetts. He balanced the state budget and brought about a sensible 'universal health care' plan that might be a blueprint to solving the nationwide health care issue.

Oh, and he did it without breaking the state budget.

He also turned the 2001 Winter Olympics from a $400 million failure into a $100 million success.

If you vote based on what who will make the most financial sense, Romney deserves a solid look.


Anonymous said...

I'm interested to know if you would have the same positive feelings towards Romney if you two didn't share a religion. Would he still have all the answers? Would he still be your (apparent) favorite? You've mentioned how it is unfair for Huckabee supporters to base their opinions on Romney based on his religion; how many LDS voters automatically think Mitt is that much of a better candidate because he is also LDS? If we're taking religion out of the race out of fairness, doesn't it work both ways? And if it's impossible to TOTALLY distance your feelings from Mitt because of mutual reigious persuasions, how can you expect the other side to forget their possible biases against Mormons and vote for Romney anyway?

Brandon said...

These are valid questions.

They'll be answered in a post I'm starting now.