14 December 2007


I'm finally completely finished with Fall Semester 2007.

And what a semester it was. Trying to work 40 hours a week, take 15 credits of classes, work for the student newspaper and start freelancing for the Idaho Falls paper makes for a hectic few months.

I'm feeling great (even though I still have those 40 hours of work on the schedule) but seem to be suffering from PTSD. There's a part of my brain that kicks me every few hours to remind me to check if I have stuff due soon.

For now, I don't. But that annoying kick is still coming strong. It's keeping me on edge and somewhat stressed for no reason.

I wonder if there are meds for this.


Jessie said...

What is PTSD?

My final semester of school I took 21 credits (20 of which were English) and worked 30 hours a week... I don't miss those days. I do miss the overall stimulation of school, though. I'm going back for a masters... someday.

Brandon said...

PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

It usually refers to a condition war veterans sometimes experience after going through horrible experiences in battle and are still affected by them when they come home.

I'm not having night terrors or anything, but the comparison is still somewhat valid. :)