01 December 2007

House's reality-TV kick is over

I love me some House. I started watching reruns on USA last year, and was under the impression that the show was six or seven years old. Then I looked up some information on an episode using imdb.com and realized it's only in its fourth season. So the wife and I started watching the new episodes on Fox and good times have abounded.

I wrote a note on Facebook earlier this fall about how weird it was that House seemed to be going in a supernatural direction. Teasers for future episodes included a woman who could supposedly see dead people and the ghost of a former patient haunting #13 after she basically killed him. The most odd thing was these teasers portrayed House as actually buying into this stuff.

Then it turned out nothing like that happened. "I see dead people" lady was hallucinating and House just pretended to believe she saw dead people so she would cooperate with him. Wheelchair guy haunting #13 turned out to be manipulative "competitive woman" attempting to get inside her head. And the show moved further into its pseudo-Survivor plot line.

I've never been much a fan of reality television. While Mandi loves shows like Project Runway and Design Star, I don't think I've ever voluntarily chosen to watch an episode of any reality television show, including the aforementioned Survivor (which is still running? Really?).

So I wasn't that happy about House turning into one. Nevertheless, I found myself rooting for certain of the "fellows" to win and wanting others to lose, much like the show's producers wanted. In the end, I think I'm okay that Plastic Surgeon, Kumar and the hot one survived. I wasn't fooled by House's supposed firing of #13; there was no way Fox was letting her go.

I'll miss Single Dad Black Mormon doctor, if just because I think his presence on the show was good exposure for the L.D.S. faith. Yes, there were some pretty bad stereotypes introduced, but most of America was familiar with those anyway. I think he did a good job standing for what he believed in, yet avoided coming across as a religious nutjob.

And I loved it when he decked House.

I was initially upset that House fired him, but once it became obvious he'd gotten canned for forming an alliance with Cutty I was okay with it. I think Cole could have pulled it off if he'd staged a fight with Kumar earlier that day or something. Gotta think these things through, dude.

Anyway, I'm glad the show has moved past this and we can get to know the new doctors a little better. I'm happy Foreman, Chase and Cameron are still around (though Cameron looks horrible with blond hair). What's the new conflict for House? He's already beaten a cop and a micromanaging hospital administrator in past seasons, and needs a new challenge.

I think it would be interesting if the writers fully embraced House's Sherlock Holmes parallels and created a Moriarty for him. Maybe a rival doctor? Someone that House has to respect would make an interesting foil.

But that's assuming the writers ever come back to work. Fox can't fool me into thinking reruns in December are normal... and last week they had a commercial promising new episodes in January. How can they know that? The negotiations with the Writer's Guild are not going well, and I wouldn't be surprised if this strike dragged on into spring.

But that's another post.

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