31 December 2007

The Official Dwight Howard Love Post

I've been putting off this topic long enough.

I love me some Dwight Howard.

I know, I know, "Welcome to the bandwagon," you say. It's true that he's pretty much the worst-kept secret in the league. Last year he skated under the radar pretty well, but this season, his penchant for 20-rebound games makes it hard to not notice him.

Tonight he recorded his third-straight 20-rebound game, pulling down 22 while scoring 17 points and blocking five shots.

He grabbed 21 rebounds in his last two games, as well.

Howard is averaging 21 and 15 on the season. And he's 22 years old.

His one problem is that he can't hit free throws to save his life, averaging 59% from the line on the season.

But heck, when you're hitting 61% from the field, missing a few free throws isn't that bad.

And then there are the things you can't measure statistically. The power. The jumping ability. His massive throw-downs of any pass Jameer Nelson lobs his way.

Seriously, how much does Nelson love his job? Toss the ball anywhere near the hoop, and Howard will dunk it home. I don't understand how Jameer isn't averaging more than six assists a game.

Howard will be more dominant than Shaq when all is said and done. Mark my words.

Here's a Howard highlight reel to cap off this lovefest:

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