14 December 2007

The Jazz are not doing so well

After losing to Phoenix Wednesday night, the Jazz have extended their losing streak to five games. Since I posted about how great they were playing after dominating the Lakers, they are 1-5.

Sure, three of those losses were to Dallas, San Antonio and Phoenix, all on the road, but losing to Sacramento and Portland is not that impressive.

A poster on Cougarboard.com made an interesting point a couple of days ago. His contention is that, yet again, the Jazz are good, but not great.

Every year they look like a carbon copy of the year before. If they'd just get that one additional player. How many times have Jazz fans said that to themselves?

I couldn't agree more. The Stockton and Malone teams needed help at the small forward and center position (Ostertag notwithstanding). Last year the Jazz needed a shooting guard. This year they need a defensive presence under the rim and a third scorer (seeing as to how Okur has decided to take the season off and is scoring 12 ppg while shooting 41% from the field).

Very frustrating. They have a shot to beat the Trailblazers in Portland tonight. Hopefully that will give them the confidence they need to get back on track.

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