04 December 2007

The Liahona doesn't deliver to Comoros?

I just got finished chatting with a friend of mine on AIM. Christian is the father of one of the families I saw get baptized while in Madagascar. He's a great guy and has been going through some rough times lately. He's had to move to Comoros, an island nation off the northwest coast of Madagascar, for his job as a computer programmer. He's sad that the Church is not yet established in the country, due to the strong Islamic influence. He told me he's interested in signing up to have the Liahona (in French) delivered to his home in Comoros, so I went to the Church's website and tried to get a subscription for him.

Everything was going great until I had to choose the country Christian lives in. Comoros isn't on the list. The Cayman Islands are there. So is Cameroon. Even members who live in China can get the Liahona delivered to their homes. But no Comoros.

I'm thinking the problem is the Islamic government of Comoros. Iran isn't on the list, and neither is Saudi Arabia.

I'll be calling Distribution Services in the morning to see if anything can be done. If not, I suppose Christian does have access to the Liahona over the internet.

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