14 December 2007

Congratulations to the college grad!

No, not me... I'm talking about my wife, Mandi. She was awarded a bachelor's degree in Vocal Performance tonight. The awesome part is that she was offered a position at the school to teach voice lessons as an adjunct faculty member starting in January. This is a great opportunity... no one gets to teach at the university level with just a bachelor's. But Mandi is just that good. I'm very proud of her.

Here are two pictures of the aftermath:

This is Mandi in front of a plaque about great-great grandma Barrus.

Me and the wife. I'm not sure what's going on here, to be honest. All I know is that my Aunt Becky will make fun of me for it.


The Village of Randomity said...

You look like you're staring down a mongoose or something.

Your Mom said...

Shouldn't it be "my aunt, Becky" or "my Aunt Becky"?

Brandon said...


Mandi said...

I love how you look vaguely like Superman in this picture: you're doing your "Superman" pose, and you have a little piece of hair coming down in the middle of your forehead that, if it were only curled, would look exactly like the Man of Steel.

Bibendum said...

in this photo, Lahimatoa is staring down a heckler in the audience. He's totally going to get them after the photo's done.