28 August 2011

It's almost time

For the 4 of you who read my blog, I apologize for neglecting my duties the last few weeks and months. The lack of posts can be blamed on a few things:

1. Summer is boring for sports. You'll notice a similar pattern of neglect in past years from June to August.

2. The NBA is locked out, and this depresses me. I think we're going to lose the entire season, despite what David Stern is saying in interviews. 

3. I've been working two jobs since mid-July, and any free time I've had has not been allocated to blogging. 

So there you go. That said, football season starts like tomorrow (note: not tomorrow) and I'll be sure to blog the Cougars' games if nothing else. 

To tide you over until then, here are some highlights from the 2010 season, which started terribly and ended okay.

I'll toss up a season preview/talk about Ole Miss a bit sometime this week.

Go Cougars!