08 December 2007

Despite recent woes, Jazz receive praise

The Jazz have dropped two consecutive games they should have won. After last night's loss, Utah is only one game on the Nuggets in the Northwest Division.

Nevertheless, the national media has been impressed with certain Jazz players.

Ronnie Brown is SI's most improved player so far (at least according to writer Ian Thomsen.

If the starting job was open, then what was to stop Brewer from claiming it? He was the surprise of training camp and has provided a highly reliable -- and altogether unexpected -- 14.0 points, 2.7 rebounds, 2.6 assists and 2.4 steals in his 30.8 starter's minutes. At 6-7, he moves nonstop like a smaller version of Andrei Kirilenko.

And Deron is the best young point guard in the NBA in Fox Sports' mind.

Williams demonstrated that he can accurately complete every type of pass in the book with impeccable timing and perfect touch — including entries, lobs, skips, as well as delivering the ball to curling shooters directly into their shooting hands. But the one pass-situation that sets him apart from all the other young point guards involves the screen/roll. In the tradition of John Stockton, Williams was always on the money here.

All these accolades help me forget that the Jazz are having a hard time executing in the fourth quarter lately.

Let's hope the Jazz don't drop another one at Dallas tonight at 6:30 Mountain Time.

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