07 December 2007

Jazz lose in San Antonio (again)

After watching yet another embarrassing Jazz loss in San Antonio, I'm frustrated. The Jazz had the lead through 35 minutes... then scored one field goal during the last seven. Deron was the only one who had any kind of offensive game, hitting a 3-pointer and getting to the foul line a few times. Boozer was okay in the fourth quarter, but missed a free throw that could have resulted in a Jazz win.

Defensively, the Jazz gave up way too many open 3's and allowed Oberto and Bonner to kill them down the stretch. Oberto had at least two tap-out offensive boards and Bonner hit jumper after jumper. I'm fine with Ginobli and Parker destroying Utah (and they did) but when the Spurs' 9th and 10th guys are beating you, it's over.

Oberto's line? Five points, 11 boards (5 offensive), three assists, two steals and no turnovers.

As I posted last week , Andrei is a major key to the Jazz's success. Tonight, he had 7 points, 5 boards and 4 assists. Decent line, but no blocks or steals and only two free-throw attempts.

The Jazz simply cannot win in San Antonio. Even without Duncan (sprained ankle), the Spurs were the better team on the floor tonight. The ESPN announcers couldn't resist pointing out time and time again that the Jazz haven't beaten the Spurs on the road since 1999. Seventeen straight games after today.

And as easy as it is to blame the refs (24 Utah ft's to 38 for San Antonio), the Jazz turned the ball over too much (Booz with 8 all by himself) and couldn't stop anyone at the rim.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Okur had another less-than-stellar game. Six point on 3-7 shooting (0-2 from the 3), five rebounds and four turnovers.

An Okur for Dalembert trade looks better every day.


John said...

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halley said...

Mehmet Okur seems unable to play well against the Spurs. I noticed that last season's Western Conference Finals, I got all sleepy just watching him. But he's good whenever I see him play against other teams. What seems to be wrong with him when playing against the Spurs?

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