12 December 2007

Sleep-deprived rantings

I've gotten three hours of sleep for the past two nights, so no brilliant post from me today. All you get are a couple rants.

1. Why doesn't Rexburg plow the city streets? I've seen this phenomenon in each of the past two winters I've lived here; it snows overnight, and in the morning, there's nary a snowplow to be seen. All day cars pack the snow down onto the road, creating a layer of ice/snow that is impossible to get traction on.

Rinse and repeat all winter. I saw a guy on a snowmobile go past my apartment earlier this afternoon. That's just ridiculous.

2. This new semester system at BYU-I is tough. Not only did they shorten the semesters, causing teachers to cram all the information they normally teach into a time period that's three weeks shorter than normal, but they got rid of testing week. This means the week we take finals (this one) we have to attend classes as usual. No reading day, no ability to schedule tests when you want to take them. No free time to study.

Tough times.

Hopefully I'll be back to normal by Saturday.

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