27 December 2007

Pakistan opposition leader assassinated

This is not good.

Benazir Bhutto, opposition party leader in Pakistan, was killed today in a suicide-bomber attack that left 20 others dead.

The assassination could very well lead to widespread riots in the country... which is a nation that happens to have nuclear weapons.

It'll be interesting to watch this situation and see where it goes. If Pakistan implodes, the implications for the U.S. would not be positive.


Anonymous said...

While it's never good for peace and harmony when political leaders get assassinated, it seems a rather large leap to assume the whole world is going to hell in a handbasket as a result. Don't you think riots are a far cry from the nuclear holocaust you're suggesting (I can only imagine that as your conclusion based upon your mentioning of their nuclear capability)?

Brandon said...

I'm not predicting a nuclear holocaust, but any country that has nukes can be scary if it's unstable.

All it takes is one guy going rogue and you've got a few million dead. Who knows what kind of safeguard they have on their nuclear weapons in Pakistan? If you know, please enlighten me.