15 December 2007

BYU basketball team not bad

This year's Cougar basketball team is pretty darn good. They've got several players that are playing very, very well.

1. Trent Plaisted. As Dick Vitale shouted on ESPN a few weeks ago, "Remember this name! Trent Plaisted! Trent Plaisted! Trent Plaisted!" Putting aside the fact that Dicky V is insane, he knows his college basketball. If he's talking big about Trent, that's good.

For him to say "Trent Plaisted is the best center you've never heard of!" is nice, too.

I think Dicky has used up his lifetime quota of exclamation marks.

Tonight Trent had a Dwight Howard-esque line of 18 points and 18 boards against Pepperdine. If he can keep this up, he'll declare for the NBA after this season.

2. Lee Cummard. This kid is good when he can stay out of foul trouble. He's long, quick, a great shooter and a great defender. Tonight he had a Kirilenko-esque line of 21 points, five rebounds, six rebounds and five blocks. He also shot 10-12 from the field.

3. Jonathan Tavernari is from Brazil, and is a shooter if I've ever seen one. When he's on, he hits five 3-pointers against Louisville. When he's off, he shoots 4-12 against Pepperdine. Tavernari has one of the quickest and smoothest releases I've seen from a college player.

Others like Jimmer Fredette, Ben Murdock and Sam Burgess have been great contributors to the team, as well.

The Cougars sit at 9-2 on the season, losing only to #2 North Carolina and #9 Michigan State.

If they continue this high level of play, BYU will win an NCAA tournament game for the first time since 1993, when they beat SMU in the first round, 80-70.

Mark it down.

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The Village of Randomity said...

I still can't believe that Jimmer is his name, that's just weird. Go BYU!! And yes Dickie V is a complete psycho