19 December 2007

I am a genius

Long story short, my collegiate career has been less than stellar. I failed my first two semesters at BYU and the third after I came home from Madagascar.

Then I came up to BYU-I and have been doing a lot better, though I've been taking a smaller class load. With a 11 or 12 credits, I've been keeping a 3.0-ish GPA.

I did attempt to take 15 credits over the summer semester, but ended up dropping out of one class and not completing another.

With trepidation, and knowing I wanted to graduate before I turned 30, this semester I signed up for 16 credits of upper-level classes.

Mind you, I still work 40 hours a week.

Anyway, with the semester over I was feeling pretty good about the classword I'd done over the past few months, but wasn't sure about a couple classes. Constitutional History and African History especially made me nervous.

But I checked my grades just now and discovered that I earned a 3.34 GPA for the semester. Lowest grade was a B- in Constitutional History, which I am very pleased with.

Woo hoo! Best semester ever. Just two more to go and I've got my bachelor's.


Amy said...

Good jorb there Brandon.

Stu said...

I have to admit... since I graduated I haven't even thought about my gpa. Grad school wasn't in my future plans, and the job I got didn't really focus on it...

It's just worth remembering that chances are you will be in a similar boat sometime in the future. Worry about the things that need worrying :)

Anonymous said...

So this means BYU-I is slightly easier than BYU I take it?

What, in particular, was difficult about the first three semesters of BYU?

Brandon said...

Stu- I recognize that GPA isn't that important in college, but it still helps you stay eligible for financial aid and is a good way to check if you're failing or not. :)

Anon.- I'd say BYU-I is slightly easier than BYU, yes. Other factors for my success here are: I'm married now, I'm taking classes I actually like, and I don't live with people I can play video games with for 16 hours a day.


Mandi said...

Yay, marriage! Yay, not playing video games 16 hours a day...only 4 hours a week!