08 December 2007

December in Rexburg

Last night it was snowing pretty steadily as I drove to Dairy Queen to fill a pregnant-wife craving. The roads were covered and I figured by morning we'd have a few inches.

Here's my parking lot as of two minutes ago:What month is it? Could be September for all you know. Did it really snow last night? Can't tell if I hallucinated the whole thing or not.

And for good measure, here's a shot of the little lawn we have between the buildings in our complex:
See that little strip of snow along the walkway? That's all we have.

So while it's gorgeous outside and I usually prefer this kind of weather over the frozen tundra that often is Rexburg in December, I like white Christmases.

You can keep this up for another couple of weeks, weather, but I'd better see snow falling on Christmas Eve.


Jessie said...

So we got some pretty heavy snow today... went out to get our Christmas tree, slid into a curb and broke our tire... Gotta love the snow.

Glad to hear you're faithfully fulfilling those pregnancy cravings. I've been longing for ice cream lately myself--weird, considering the weather. Oh well.

Mandi said...

Yeah, you know it's got to be pregnancy-induced when I cannot get along without a Georgia Mud Fudge Blizzard in the middle of a Rexburg snow storm. And have I mentioned recently that you're the best husband ever?