05 December 2007

Turns out the Church does deliver to Comoros

As I swore in my wrath yesterday to do, I called Church Distribution Services and demanded to know why they didn't deliver the Liahona to Comoros. After listening to two automated answering services and being transferred twice, I finally got hold of a guy who works in the International department.

This guy told me he'd never heard of Comoros before, yet expressed confidence that there wasn't a place yet they'd been unable to send Church magazines.

Comforted, I spent the next ten minutes giving him my name and address and Christian's name and address. Trying to give someone someone an address in Africa is tough. First, in Comoros, anything not a number is in French. Well, I guess the numbers are in French, too, but they look the same as they do in English.

After fighting through all that, the guy (I really should have gotten his name) told me they'd send the money and information to South Africa and have them take care of it from there. He also said to expect the delivery of the first issue in six to eight weeks (an extremely liberal estimate, he confided).

We'll see how efficient Distribution is at getting stuff delivered halfway around the world.

But bottom line, I'm impressed with their commitment to delivering to anyone, anywhere.

And yes, I will be receiving a discount on my tithing for this post.


Jimmy said...

The nation of Comoros mystifies me. The name reminds me of Cumorah, and the Capital is Moroni.

What is the origin of this odd coincidence?

Brandon said...

That is an excellent question. I'll try to research it after finals are over and I have a bit more free time.