18 June 2009

I neglected to mention Peter Schiff

In Tuesday's brief rant about how the ones in charge of the United States economy are apparently clueless, I forgot to bring up Peter Schiff. I'd never heard of Schiff until a few months ago, when suddenly Youtube videos of his doomsaying prophecies began popping up.

What strikes me most is that he laughed at by virtually everyone, yet calmly stuck to his guns. This guy has the financial world figured out at a level I don't think anyone else has reached.

Can we give him at least an advisory position in our government, or does he make too much sense?

1 comment:

Jessie said...

Very interesting. I'm pretty sure my favorite part was about 6:30 on the second video where the guy is talking about how people are willing to work in sweat shops just to get our valuable paper money... what a joke!