23 July 2009

The saga of Boozer

In one of Bill Simmons' latest columns, he proposed a new rule in sports reporting/analyzing. Once the possibility that something big may happen is realized, we have 72 hours to discuss it, and then we're finished until something actually happens. For example, Ricky Rubio may or may not come to Minnesota this season. Once that is apparent, PTI, bloggers and newspaper writers can attack the story all they want for 72 hours, and then there's a moratorium on that topic until Rubio either comes to Minnesota to play or stays in Europe. The end.

I'd like to see that rule applied to the Boozer Trade saga. Either he'll get traded or he won't. All this rumor talk just annoys fans and gets old fast. What is important: the Jazz told Boozer they are trading him. Boozer said he'd like to play in Miami. The end. NBA.com's David Aldridge summed it up rather well:

Utah is not going to be goosed into doing a Carlos Boozer deal. All summer, we've been given breathless updates as to who is 'ahead' in the Boozer 'sweepstakes,' with the two-time All-Star making his preference for wearing Heat Black next season clear. Three-way trades, two-team trades, all kind of trades — to the Bulls, to the Heat, to the Knicks, with the emphasis on a supposedly imminent deal, the Jazz not possibly being able to welcome Boozer back into the fold next season. All wrong. There's a good chance Carlos Boozer is the starting power forward for Utah in November, with a slightly overpriced backup in Paul Milsap. Let me say this one more time: Utah is not going to be bullied, rushed or otherwise forced into trading Boozer anywhere. The Jazz is not going to do a deal for a deal's sake, and certainly isn't going to do a bad deal. That doesn't mean Utah isn't listening to offers (it is) or won't ultimately get a deal done for Boozer (though Miami will have to do better than combinations featuring Udonis Haslem and Dorell Wright; if the first words out of Riles's mouth aren't 'Michael Beasley,' forget it).

There it is. The Jazz are serious about getting back good value for Booz, and if no one offers it, Boozer isn't going anywhere for now.

The moratorium begins now.

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