28 June 2010

Countdown to college football, 2010 style

Every year, towards the end of the college football season, I start getting burned out by all the games, and by the time it's all over, I'm not that sad to see the sport go.

But then after a few months of NBA overload and the realization that the summer months are filled with nothing but NASCAR and golf, I look longingly towards the days when there are upwards of 27 college football games on TV during an average week in the fall.

So to help you get in that same state of mind, I introduce you to an incoming freshman at BYU: Josh Quezada.

Out of La Habra high school in California, this running back is 5'11" and 210 pounds. He was All-Everything in 2009, and I am excited for this kid to don Cougar blue.

I could say more, but all you really need to know about him as a runner can be seen in this Youtube video (skip to 2:15):

Breaks tackles, can see the field well, good speed, changes directions quickly... haven't had a back with this level of talent come to BYU in a while. Soothes the sting of losing Harvey a bit.

I'll be profiling other BYU players as the weeks drag on.

Go Cougars!

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The Village of Randomity said...

Who is this guy?? Seth just said that he could take him... Haha, he's got talent, let's see if he can adapt to the next level.