06 October 2010


Video Courtesy of KSL.com

The creator of this "highlight" reel counted 13 dropped passes versus Utah State. These passes would have counted for 200 yards and three touchdowns.

Let's be generous and say half of those balls were uncatchable; that's still seven catches for 110 yards and two touchdowns, which would have made Heaps' stat line:

34 of 55 for 380 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions.

Not bad for a true freshman quarterback being forced to sling the ball the entire second half.

Anyone who says BYU's woes are due to Heaps underperforming is way off base here. Defense and receiver ineptitude are killing the Cougars.


The Village of Randomity said...

Ok two things: 1. A large number of these balls go THROUGH the hands of the receivers, like they're in position, it's a good ball and they just miss it completely and don't even touch it.
2. Jake Heaps doesn't even seem fazed by all these drops, he continues to throw and try and makes plays, even though you can tell he's accepted the fact that his guys probably won't catch anything.
PS I have never seen the ball on the ground that much in a single game.

Seth said...

Heck, I could catch some of those throws. And I have hoof hands when it comes to that sort of thing.

Matty Gibb said...

I'm glad I quit watching at halftime. Even though I had noticed that they were dropping everything in the first half, I would have been incensed after watching Jacobsen drop that perfect long ball that hit him in stride down the sideline, shrug his shoulders, and trot back with an expression like "whatevs." Why does BYU have so many receivers/backs/tight ends that can't catch a ball to save their lives?

The Village of Randomity said...

YEAH!! That's another thing, they don't even seem to care that they're dropping many. It seems like the BYU receivers are least, have lost the BYU swagger. Or as much of a swagger that BYU can have

Brandon said...

The apathy is definitely concerning, and something I have to attribute to coaching. If I'm a receiver and I drop four passes in one game, I fear for my starting job and scholarship.

These guys show none of that... is it because they know the coaches won't bench them no matter what?

Josh said...

Bronco needs to take the Urban Meyer approach and if someone drops a ball, they get benched for a few quarters or even rest of game if it's Ashworth.