11 January 2012

Retro post: Star Wars: Episode 1

This trailer was a big stinkin' deal in 1998. It's one of the first trailers I ever remember downloading from the interwebz, and I must have watched it 300 times with my brothers. The trailer represented so much promise, so much awesomeness and a whole lotta lightsabers to the 14-year-old me.

The today me sees this film for the pile of rotten that it is. Terrible acting, simplistic plot, Jar Jar Binks, etc. etc. etc.

The 1999 me saw Episode 1 eight or nine times in theaters.

In theaters!

Anyway, watching the trailer today, it's apparent that there are some really good pieces in there. That the execution was so poor is just a huge testament to Lucas' ineptitude as a director.

Anyone else remember watching this as a kid?


Mattie Bat Head said...

HOLY COW I TOTALLY REMEMBER THIS! I was so excited when we got that star wars mouse pad :)

Brandon said...

Totally so excited. I admit my love for Star Wars has waned as my need for better developed characters and writing and stuff has increased.

Sharon said...

To its credit, I thought Episode I's plot line was much better than II. Anything with Liam Neeson has to be pretty good.