18 September 2013

Holy War, Last One Before 2016 Edition

For this year's rivalry game vs. Utah, I am taking the approach that no one can really know what will happen on Saturday. Unless Utah is head and shoulders better than BYU (2004, 2008), this is a dogfight, and until this pattern is disproved two or three years running, a dogfight it will remain. Utah lost to a bad Oregon State team at home. BYU lost to a bad Virginia team on the road. Utah beat a good Utah State team at home. BYU beat a mediocre Texas team at home. BYU runs the ball well and passes poorly. Utah passes the ball well and runs poorly. BYU's defense is fairly great, Utah's defense is fairly bad. All that adds up to a close game that will have me standing and screaming myself hoarse most of the night.

Things I, as a BYU fan, want to see in this game:

1. Kyle Van Noy do this to Travis Wilson.

2. Taysom to break a long TD run.

3. Jamaal Williams goes for 150 yards.

4. Paul Lasike knocks a Ute defender on his back.

5. Utah run for less than 75 yards.

That's about it. I expect Wilson to throw well, as long as he gets time in the pocket (not a given). I expect Taysom to airmail some of his passes and throw grounders with others.

And finally, I expect Utah to play out of their minds, especially on defense. Somehow these guys play the best game of their season against BYU every year. The Cougars will come out too tentative or too amped, and will settle down as the game goes on. And the final score will be within 7 points either way.

As is tradition, I'm holding a Guess the Score contest. Leave a comment with your prediction of the final score, along with Taysom Hil''s rushing yards for the game. The winner gets $20.

Go Cougars!


Jason said...

Taysom Hill rushes for 120 yards

Stu said...

utah 70
byu 7

If there's a tie, I'll eat my socks

Joseph Johnson said...

BYU 20
Utah 17

Matt Bat Head said...

24-23 BYU. Taysom goes for 89 yards. Was that link to a specific kvn play?

Brandon said...

Yes, it's Kyle sharking Ash in the Texas game. His ability to immediately cover 20-30 feet and sack the QB when they try to roll out is amazing.

Brooke said...

Hey, i'll go for $20, even though there's not way I will be right.

Utah- 14
BYU- 21

And I will have to look up the score later on facebook when my friends and family are all sad and depressed or elated. :)