06 September 2014

Second verse, same as the first

That pretty much says it all, doesn't it? The moment the game broke open from a boring 6-0 defensive slugfest into a BYU crushing of Texas. If you look closely, you can see the Texas fans in the background have their hearts broken.

Taysom was great. 67% passing. 3 rushing touchdowns. Another through the air. No interceptions. He was nails most of the night. 

And the offensive line was mostly great, as well. A few bad snaps and horrible plays aside, I thought they stepped up to the challenge of a solid Texas defense and gave Hill, Williams, Brown and Hine the space they needed. 

It's really, really early, but I think this team can run the table and make it to a New Year's bowl against a good opponent. No way they make it into the playoff, but an unbeaten run this year will set up a very interesting 2015. 

That said, I fully expect the Cougars to fail to show up in a game or two this season; the trick will be to get the win anyway. See: Nevada 2013.

Again, I am getting ahead of myself. Great win for BYU, on national TV at a big name opponent. Don't get may shots at that, and to come out with a victory was huge.

Go Cougars!

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