29 May 2009

Most spoiler-iffic trailer ever

Warning: if you are interested in the upcoming TV miniseries (TV show? Made-for-TV movie?) V on ABC, then you probably shouldn't watch this. I realize it's a remake from a 1983 two-part miniseries on NBC, but I was an infant then, and I had no knowledge of it before today. 

However, if you don't care about being spoiled, then watch away, and then read below.

I've never seen a more spoiler-iffic trailer in my life. Earthquake happens! Juliet (don't know the actress' name nor her character's name here, so she's Juliet) freaks out, calls her son, says she'll come get him. Meantime, it's revealed the earthquake is due to a big ol' Independence Day ship hovering over NYC and there are more over every major city on Earth. Scene of Juliet trying to get to her son, says she's an FBI agent, drama! Will she get to her kid! Then the drama is entirely removed as she finds her son no problem ten seconds later. 

See the pattern here?

Aliens appear to be friendly (and hot), but there's this movement among some humans to resist their involvement on Earth. There's a big science vs. faith motif. Juliet's son gets involved with the aliens. Turns out the aliens aren't really hot, they're just wearing hot costumes and are actually slimy and gross. 

End of trailer, and now you know everything about this thing except for how it ends. Does Earth triumph against the alien invaders, or not? 

It's the polar opposite of how Abrams handles thing. There is no mystery box here. 

So yeah. What could have been an interesting show for me is now entirely ruined because whoever is producing/directing this thing has no problems revealing the entire story in a two-minute trailer. And maybe they don't care. Maybe they know they're just remaking a 1983 miniseries and assume most people know what will happen already. 

It just bugs me. 

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