06 May 2009


As you can probably tell, I was not all that interested in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs. But now, I'm in. The Nuggets and Rockets look much, much better than I expected, the Lakers look beatable, and Dallas handled San Antonio in the first round.

I've decided I'm rooting for Houston and Denver. While the Rockets have players I dislike (Scola, Artest) and the Nuggets have players I dislike (J.R. Smith, K-Mart), I really, really dislike Dirk and Kobe.

As the Jazz decided to be terrible this year and underachieve like me in my freshman year of college, the best way for me to find fulfillment in this year's playoffs is the Lakers failing to win it all. Again. And to be honest, it doesn't look good for fans of the purple and gold. I don't think they can beat the Rockets, Nuggets AND Cavs (and make no mistake, the Cavs are rolling through the East). It's a tough road for them, and the tougher it gets, the more Kobe decides to take over, and as we all know, Kobe the Chucker = lost games.

What sold me on Denver was this: last night I was watching the Nuggets/Mavs game and realized I had forgotten Carmelo Anthony is on this team. I have been spending a lot of time reading about Chris Anderson, Chauncy Billups, J.R. Smith, Nene and K-Mart, and being impressed with the depth of the team, and then suddenly I remembered they have Melo. You're a good team when a talent like him is almost an afterthought.

And as far as the Rockets go, the tag-team of Artest and Battier with Yao roaming down low with Scola = great defensive team. The Jazz may have actually hurt the Lakers in that first round series, in that L.A. may have become adjusted to playing against a non-existent defense (thanks for the memories, Boozer) and now are not ready for an elite one. So good work, Jazz!

As I mentioned earlier, no one in the East can touch the Cavs. I've toyed with the idea that they may actually sweep every playoff series in the East. The odds of that happening are low, but LeBron is on a mission right now, and the other three teams all have major flaws.

It will be an interesting next couple of weeks.


Stu said...

I disagree that it will be interesting... but you know where I stand :) At least I can finally get going on yardwork.

LaPaube said...

B, I truly do welcome you into the world of casual fandom, but you've just changed so much in so little time. You've just decided to root for two teams at the same time, neither of which is the Jazz? This must feel more foreign to you than going out with two girls, neither of which is Mandi.

Brandon said...

Come now, G. I pick what team I'm rooting for in every playoff matchup every year. This is no different from me cheering for Golden State to beat Dallas in 2007 or rooting for Detroit to beat LA in the Finals in 2004.

The Jazz are still my team. You seem to think my fandom is up for sale, while it is not. I am putting Utah on probation... if I approve of their offseason moves this summer, I'll be back. If I do not, I'll root for them, but not as much as I did this season or last. It doesn't mean I'll start watching Nuggets or Rockets games and wanting them to beat the Jazz.

I hope that clears that up.

LaPaube said...

No, no, no, not for sale. But you have to admit that you're going against what you said true fanhood was because you're giving up during this down time. You're becoming the common type of fan who doesn't get as excited about his local team when they mess things up. And you're doing exactly the same thing that I do and that you hate that I do, which is root for multiple teams. I'm glad you're doing it, but also surprised.

Brandon said...

We will apparently never understand each other on this issue, so I'm bowing out.