26 September 2009


What a roller-coaster season. Bigtime win, followed by boring blowout, followed by painful blowout. We've run the gamut of emotions and it's time to settle down for some meh games.

CSU is not a great team. While they beat Colorado in Boulder, they also barely squeaked out a 24-23 win at home versus Weber State. I think the Weber State game is more indicative of where the program is, personally.

The Cougars hung on for a 45-42 victory in Fort Collins last year. CSU QB Billy Farris threw for 251 yards, three touchdowns and no picks. Thankfully, he's graduated, but fifth-year quarterback Grant Stucker looked good against Colorado, so we'll see.

I see a fairly tight game in Provo tomorrow, with BYU winning by a touchdown or less. Final score will depend a lot on if the Ram defense has learned how to bait Hall into throwing picks and if our skill players can hang onto the ball.

Final prediction: BYU 31, Colorado State 28.

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