21 September 2009

Thoughts from the FSU beat down

For starters, I did not see FSU scoring 50+ on the Cougars. The reason I failed to forsee this detail is that no one mentioned that FSU's offensive line was NFL-caliber.

Those guys absolutely manhandled our defensive line and linebackers like nothing I've ever seen before. The quarterback had 15 seconds to pass on every pass play. The running backs had a free three or four yards of grass in front of them on every passing play. The FSU offense converted third down after third down after third down to the point that I felt like they'd convert them all.

And that was that. The game of football is won or lost in the trenches, and BYU was absolutely rolled in the trenches on Saturday.

Other factors that didn't really matter:

1. The Florida State defense held BYU and Max Hall to 21 points. They created multiple turnovers and picked Hall off three times. It appears they were able to instigate the game plan I was worried about.

2. Our kicking game was great! Bronco finally moved Riley Stephenson to kickoffs and every single one stayed in bounds. They also went 4-4 on extra points, so that's nice.

3. BYU cannot deal with mobile quarterbacks. Not a big surprise, but depressing to see that this is still the case.

That's it. Florida State enjoyed a huge, larger-than-everything-else-put-together advantage on the line and they won the game.

On to CSU!


Anonymous said...

Gonna' have to disagree with you on the trenches winning games theory. Defense wins games, in my opinion.

Therefore, I think we lost for another reason, which I will point out tomorrow on my blog.

http://themookoojoe.wordpress.com - This is the new place by the way.

Brandon said...

Mookoo... if you are getting manhandled in the trenches, you will lose. Period. Most of the time the difference isn't great enough to decide the game, but sometimes it is. One of those times was last Saturday.

Josh said...

yeah, awesome O-line, fast running backs, good results.