02 December 2009

Jake Heaps

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Good story about BYU commit Jake Heaps. I really, really like this kid. He'll be graduating from high school early and enrolling at BYU this January, which should give him time to learn BYU's system and be ready for spring ball.

At this point, I like him to start in 2010. I'm open to Riley Nelson, James Lark or Jason Munns showing up this spring and blowing everyone away, but Heaps has four years of eligibility and a high, high ceiling.


Sharon said...

What's a high ceiling?

Brandon said...

A player's ceiling is how good they can possibly get. My ceiling as a basketball player is "good at church ball, not good enough to play high school ball."

Jake Heaps' ceiling is "Heisman finalist," while in my opinion, Riley Nelson's ceiling is "good, but not great."

Steve-O said...

Someone has a man crush.