08 December 2009

Sports post

1. Jake Heaps won his third-straight Washington State championship Saturday. He threw for four touchdowns and no picks as his Spartans rolled the Ferris Saxons, 45-21. I watched the game and he has a nice long ball... plenty of arc with a soft touch. He also throws a tight spiral and has good velocity on his other throws. Excited to see what he brings to spring ball in a few months.

2. The Jazz lost to the two-win Timberwolves on Saturday, then beat the Spurs for the third straight time night. Bottom line, as predicted, they are another 48-win team who may or may not squeak into the playoffs.

3. The Knicks have won four of their last five games, beating Phoenix (14-3), Atlanta (13-5) and Portland (13-8) in the process. If they keep this up, they could compete for the eighth spot in the Eastern playoffs this spring.

In short, the Jazz's hope for a high lottery pick next summer are vanishing rapidly.

The Knicks have stunk consistently for a decade, and now, when their ineptitude is finally about to benefit the Jazz, they start winning. Here's hoping this is a temporary phenomenon.

And one more thing: Matt Harpring, whose season, and possibly career, is over, joined Craig Bolerjack and Ron Boone on the sidelines to help call the game last night, and Harp was awesome. He had interesting insights into the players, noticed strategies used by both coaches, and generally seemed to love the game. He was miles better than Boone, and improved Bolerjack's play-by-play. Please, FSN or the Jazz or whoever makes these decisions, please hire Harpring to do color commentary. Please.

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