19 February 2010

Lakers lose to spite me

No sooner do I rant about how the Lakers are better without Kobe, then they go out and lose to the Celtics in Los Angeles. Boston shot 44% from the field, 33% from deep and 61% from the line and LA still couldn't manage to win.


In the interest of saving some face, the Lake Show could have done a better job giving their big men the ball. Bynum, Gasol and Odom combined to shoot 48% from the field, while LA's guards made a blistering 25 percent of their shots.

In other news, the Jazz traded Ronnie Brewer for virtually nothing yesterday. Okay, so technically Memphis gave up a protected draft pick, but come on! It's a protected draft pick that the Jazz probably won't see for another two or three years.

They really couldn't have gotten anything better than that for Brewer? Sure, the dude can't shoot, but he's a defensive presence and can finish around the rim... hardly a scrub.

Basically the Jazz did this to save $2.8 million dollars in salary owed to Ronnie. Nothin' like a straight financial decision to excite your fan base, guys.

First Eric Maynor, now Ronnie Brewer. I don't like this trend.

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