12 February 2010

NFL and NBA lockout?

Bill Simmons has been talking about this on his podcast for a while now, but apparently both the NBA and the NFL are headed for a lockout in 2011. The economy doing poorly = less people buying tickets to sporting events = less money for the owners. So the owners want to cut player salary, but the respective player's unions are not okay with that.

And presto: lockout for two of the three major sports in the United States simultaneously.

Here are two links discussing each lockout possibility in depth.

If the [NBA]and the players continue down this path, it is clearly not going to end well. It is an unfortunate circumstance. Sure, there are plenty of negative comments made by those who don’t follow the NBA (“it’s too boring”), but right now, the league is the most entertaining it has been in years, with several superstars in both conferences (LeBron, Kobe, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard, among others).

I concur with the last sentiment... the NBA has great games almost every night. I'd miss them for sure.

Don’t expect anything to be resolved between the [NFL] and the Players Association. But expect for the rhetoric, posturing and chest beating to be ramped up. This is all a precursor to the inevitable showdown next February, when the threat of a lockout likely will force an agreement.

Oh well, at least we'll have hockey and baseball. :(


Stu said...

I hope they remember that a lockout = no money... I would be curious how long it took baseball to recover from their big lockout.

Especially during a down economic time, fans don't want to hear about how tough it is living on the mere millions they are making. Fans won't be forgiving.

Nick said...

I hope Stern knows they will probably make a whole lot less if he does this. Just keep it how it is.