02 July 2010

Old-timey video game nostalgia

Today I give you Terminal Velocity. Released in 1995, it was one of the first games my family got for our 486 computer.

Great memories. The soundtrack was awesome, and while the 3D graphics look really pixelated now, 15 years ago they were very impressive. And what 13-year-old boy doesn't like flying around in a futuristic plane blowing stuff up?

The gameplay was a lot easier than other flight sims that were available at the time. As you can infer, there are no controls other than left/right/up/down, shoot, switch weapon and afterburner. You also didn't need to worry about inertia or falling if your speed got too low.

In addition, it seemed a shield restore would pop up just when you needed it. I don't remember dying a whole lot in this game.

Definitely a great one. Nice work, Terminal Reality and 3D Realms.

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The Village of Randomity said...

Wow, this game was pretty awesome.