05 August 2010

Historical photography

The above photo was created by an alice at www.mymodernmet.com. For the project, she apparently took photos of modern-day sites in Europe and Russia and then inserted photos from World War II to match up. I find the pictures absolutely astounding, and they have really helped me grasp the realities of WWII in a way I hadn't before. See more here.

The above photo is part of a collection owned by the Library of Congress and posted on The Denver Post's website. They are some of the only color photos taken during the Great Depression, and like the WWII images, these help me connect to a time in history I felt far removed from. Something about seeing people in real color, as opposed to black and white or pictures colored after the fact, makes them a lot more real.

I love History, and even minored in it in college. I am enthralled by any information about pretty much any era in any part of the world, and while I know many people don't share that same enthusiasm, I think it's important that everyone have the context of knowing where we came from and what humans have done in the past. We can learn a lot this way.


Brooke said...

Thanks for the pictures and cool information. The two pictures of the same place of different time periods are pretty amazing. I love history too by the way, maybe it was Westerman that instilled that love in us. What do you think?

Sharon said...

Thanks to Mr. Westerman, you all LOVE history! And I LOVE those pictures. I want to see more!

Brandon said...

Sorry to burst everyone's bubble, but I took AP History from Mr. Gresh, not Westerman. And our class had a higher percentage of students pass the exam than Westerman's did that year. :)