16 August 2010

Making the leap

It's time.
Mandi and I are going 100% internet television. Assuming this works, we're canceling the cable and using our desktop computer to stream our shows to our 19-inch tube television (great wedding gift; thanks, Julie, Brooke, Eric, Amy, and everyone else I'm forgetting!)

I bought this card off Amazon, as it comes with a 7-pin S-Video output port (and it can also run some of my games a bit better than the stock card that came with the desktop).

And then I bought this cable to connect from the card to the TV. While the TV has an S-Video port, I figured going RCA on that end should be fine.
With the great improvement in internet TV, from Hulu to ABC.com, I think this can work. Sports obviously will be a problem, but for BYU and Jazz games I can go to my in-laws' across town.
I'll be setting it up tonight, and will post updates.
Wish us luck.

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Brooke said...

We did this like 2 years ago, totally worth it! (Especially not paying for cable or other tv really.) Conference was a problem, but that is doing better being streamed as of last conference, so things are looking up! Let us know how it goes! Oh- and netflix, did you mention that too? Because that streaming content is totally worth it as well.