25 January 2011

San Diego State at BYU, tonight

I'll let ESPN's Pat Forde do the talking.
[San Diego State head coach] Steve Fisher says it's the Game of the Year in the Mountain West Conference. But that's an understatement.

It's the biggest game in MWC history. But that's an understatement, too.

Here's the proper statement: The San Diego State-BYU matchup Wednesday night in Provo, pitting the No. 4 team in the polls against No. 9, is the biggest game in many years for every team that resides outside the power six conferences.

Near as The Minutes can figure, this is the first top-10 matchup of conference opponents from outside the big six leagues in seven years.

Well then. The mood on Cougarboard.com seems to be pretty confident; most people there have picked BYU to win fairly handily. And with Jimmer playing for BYU, who can blame them? Not sure how you stop someone who can shoot from 35 feet out and get past you if you try and play up.

Should be a fun one to watch. Tune into CBS College Sports at 8:00 p.m. Mountain tomorrow to witness the fireworks.

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