06 April 2011

Micro blog post

It's been two months since I last blogged! And I have about 300 different topics to blog about, but no time to write 300 posts.

Here we go!

-Jimmer and BYU made it to the Sweet Sixteen, where they lost because they had zero post presence. Jimmer then won every single Player of the Year award except for the Bob Cousy, which went to the best point guard in the NCAA, Connecticut's Kemba Walker, who had zero assists in the boring and horrific title game against Butler.

-BYU basketball head coach was wooed by several "BCS" schools, including future "BCS" school Utah. He said thanks, but no thanks to all of them, and signed a new 5-year deal with BYU.

-Derek Rose is getting a lot of buzz as the NBA's MVP. In a weak season, I guess he's a viable candidate, but 25 points per game on 44% shooting from the field and 33% from deep isn't overwhelmingly impressive.

-The Jazz were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs by the Lakers, and then turned around and beat L.A. last night, hurting the Kobe Show's chances of getting a #1 seed. All the losing Utah has been doing doesn't bother me... it translates into a better lottery pick this summer, and the young guys need to learn sometime.

-In a related story, hey, the Jazz got Derrick Favors! Sure, they had to give up their All-Star point guard to do it, but as some radio guys argued so astutely last week, what NBA champ got there on the back of a point guard?

-In a related related story, I appear to have been way off about Gordon Hayward. Over the last month or so he's averaged 10 points per game on 54% shooting from the field and 50% from the 3. Plus he had a sick throw down dunk on the entire Lakers team last night, so that was good.

-Spring football camp is a cruel institution. There have been loads of great reports coming out of BYU's camp, which gets me all excited for football season, but then I remember football is like six months away and I get sad. That said, apparently Heaps is a machine, linebacker transfer from USC Uona Kaveinga has been tearing it up and Ross Apo is apparently the second coming of Randy Moss. Spring game this Saturday. I'll be there, snow or shine (it's supposed to snow).

-The uprisings in the Middle East are a giant mess. Egypt will most likely end up being run by someone bent on invading Israel (that won't end well). America's involvement in Libya seems a lukewarm, weird situation; the rebels are safe from being bombed from above, but Gaddafi's troops are free to flamethrower and shoot to their heart's content? I just don't get how air strikes are horrifically against international law, but ground-based weaponry is just fine for slaughtering your own people.

-Carmelo Anthony went to the Knicks, where the team proceeded to lose a bunch of games and then win five in a row as of today. Not sure where I stand with this team yet. The playoffs will be a big help deciding.

-When I purchased an Evo 4G last summer, my biggest concern was the lack of a tactile keyboard. I learned about Swype, a program that uses swiping motions along the touch screen to type instead of "typing." After learning the beta was closed, I waited for an official release. Six months later, I discovered Sprint had pushed out Swype to my phone automatically, and all I had to do was enable it. While annoyed I wasn't exactly informed, I've loved it. I can actually use Google Talk now, and while I may go back to a tactile keyboard one day, for now the touch screen is fine.

-This government shutdown thing is ridiculous. Republicans want to cut .005% of the national budget and Democrats want to cut .002% of it. The argument is reportedly unsolvable. Ugh.

-Pastor Terry Jones burning a Koran is stupid, insensitive and bigoted. Muslims murdering UN workers on another continent in retaliation is evil.

-To finish off where we started, I believe Jimmer will do just fine in the NBA. If he can shoot as well as he did at BYU with teams double and triple teaming him, I think he can handle hitting a few wide-open jumpers for someone like Phoenix or Denver. Stephen Curry is his closest analogue in the association, and he's a good-to-great player for the Warriors.

Now back to your regularly scheduled somewhat frequent blog posting schedule.