05 December 2008

This Jazz team seems somewhat injury-prone

An interesting statistic from the Deseret Morning News' Tim Buckley, via Yahoo!'s Ball Don't Lie blog:
Barely more than a month into the 2008-09 NBA season, the Jazz already have lost 66 man-games to injury and personal leave.

That's more than double what future Hall of Famers John Stockton and Karl Malone missed in their 37 combined seasons playing for the Jazz.

I had to read that a couple times. 37 COMBINED SEASONS? More than double? Crikeys. Stockton and Malone may have never won a title, but they are most certainly the most durable duo ever in the NBA. 

In other news, the Jazz are fairly stinky as of late. I probably won't bother commenting on the team until they've got a healthy starting lineup back (though with Boozer's hammy history, who knows when that will be?). 

Later today: Things I have been incredibly wrong about this NBA season.

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*Liese said...

Aw, I miss them...