17 September 2012

8 of the last 11

The Daily Herald

Is it really a rivalry when one team has only won the game three times in the last 11 years?

BYU came out scared and flat, as they always do versus Utah, and it hurt them a lot. By the time they pulled it together, it was too late, and not even the MUSS gifting the Cougars a relatively easy field goal to tie as time expired was enough.

As I've written time and time before, Riley Nelson is fool's gold. He will never been the kind of quarterback to destroy good defenses. Even in his senior season, with almost two full years of starting at the position, he can't make more than a handful of throws consistently. He can't read defenses. His running okay, I guess, but not something opposing defensive coordinators fear.

Give the reins to Taysom. This season is a loss, anyway. He may turn out to be another bust like Heaps (who I still believe can be great at Kansas), but Riley is the bus to Nowheresville. I made the same argument in favor of Heaps last season, and it holds true this season. Give Hill a lot of reps in the games against Boise State, Georgia Tech and Notre Dame. Give him starts against Idaho and San Jose State. The more real-world time he gets on the field this season, the better he'll be in years 2, 3 and 4. And if he's terrible, I'd at least like to know now.

The winner of our Guess the Score contest is Matt Bat Head, who eerily predicted

"24-21 BYU-Sorenson comes back and kicks a 60 yard field goal as time expires. Hoffman goes for 85 yards."

The last play of the game certainly was a field goal, and the final score was indeed 24-21.

Hoffman ended the night with 120 yards receiving.

Matt, your check is in the mail.


Matt Bat Head said...

I've never been so depressed about winning a contest :P Thanks Bran! Here's to another season of quarterback controversy!

Seth said...

Give the reins to Matt Barrus!! He could qb it up.