27 September 2012

Combating the flop

Flopping is a big deal in the NBA. I hate it with a fiery passion, and think it demeans a game I otherwise love.

In the past, I have suggested the NBA implement a one-game suspension for flopping. Officials review game tape after the fact, and if there is an instance of egregious flopping, a suspension is handed out, the end.

From there, more flops equal stiffer penalties. Five flops? Two games. 10 flops? 3 games. And so on.

This was my idea four years ago.

Thankfully, David Stern has decided to at least pay lip service to the idea of eradicating this disease. He's announced that the NBA will begin fining players for flopping, and the determination as to what is a flop and what is not will be made after the game.

So I go one for two. I don't think fines will do enough to deter flopping unless the amounts are exorbitant. Manu Ginobili will flop in a heartbeat if he thinks it will help his team win a game, no matter that he'll be $10,000 poorer the next day.

Maybe a $10,000 hit is enough to deter rookies from flopping, but they aren't getting the benefit of those calls anyway.

We'll see if this changes anything. I fear this new directive will go the way of the microfiber ball and be forgotten very soon.

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