23 September 2012

I kinda hate Matt

You've probably seen a previous incarnation of the above video, in which a surname-less Matt is dancing with people in presumably every country on earth. The songs are catchy, the video moves well and it's a good time had by all.

They are the product of Matt Harding, a 35-year-old former video game designer who, since around 2003, has been traveling around the world making videos like these and uploading them to Youtube. Having garnered sponsorship from companies like Visa and Stride Gum, he's been able to do one of these every few years since, and the 2012 version is his fifth. He even went to Madagascar in his 2008 video.

Why do I hate this man, who appears to have a beautiful wife and baby and exists solely to bring the world together? Mainly because I'm petty and wish I could travel as much as he does.

But seriously, this is awesome.

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