25 November 2007


I love BYU football. Not much else to it... I come from a long line of BYU fans on both sides of the family, stretching back to when grandpa George scored the winning touchdown against Utah in 1942.

Admittedly I wasn't interested in football until I was 13 or so, about the same time BYU went 14-1 and beat Kansas State in the Cotton Bowl. Ever since then, I've watched or attended every football game (with the exception of Notre Dame 2005... I was married that day and still managed to catch some of the third quarter).

The past decade of my BYU-fanhood also coincides with intense and close games between BYU and its rival, Utah. Since 1996, when BYU thumped Utah 37-17, no game has been decided by more than seven points (with the exception of 2004, when an Alex Smith-led Utah clobbered BYU 52-21).

Yesterday's Holy War didn't disappoint in this regard. While more of a defensive battle than I expected, the game was nail-bitingly close from start to finish. BYU outgained Utah on offense 424 yards to 244, but turnovers by both clubs kept the final score low. The only two touchdowns of the game came in the last two minutes.

The way BYU was able to go 85 yards in less than a minute to score when they had struggled to get into the endzone all game was impressive. If Harvey Unga doesn't win the Freshman of the Year award for the MWC it'll be a tragedy. He was the offense for BYU for most of the game.

But the best part of the victory was how the Cougars ripped the heart out of Utah just like last year. I imagine these close losses are much more difficult to take than blowouts, but I'd have to ask my friend Stuart about that one. It appears he posted something about the game on Saturday, but then deleted it after further review.

Bottom line, good win, Cougs. Now take care of business against San Diego this week and get it done against Cal or Oregon State or whoever you face in the Vegas Bowl.

Fun time to root for the Y.


Becky said...

I didn't realize your other Grandpa played football for BYU. I also didn't know that you were 13 when you began watching BYU football games. I figured it was programmed into your brain in the womb.

Becky said...

Oh also, pics of you fighting off wolves would be cool.

Brandon said...

Wolves it is.

And yeah, for some reason I managed to resist the football gene for a long time. I thought football games were boring.

Probably worried my dad quite a bit. :)

Matt said...

I remember this one time we were playing 2 truths and a lie at some family reunion and for one of my truths I said that I had been to every BYU home game for the past 5 seasons. This is when i was like 13 or 14, so I think I was exagerating (sp) a little bit cause I don't think I started going until I was in 7th or 8th grade, but before this season, I can't remember missing any home games since that time.