26 November 2007

BYU and the BCS

For starters, I hate the BCS. It's a bogus system set up to keep all the money from college football among certain conferences that consider themselves elite.

While I agree that the SEC and PAC-10 are generally better than the MWC and WAC, for example, it's unfair to shut out teams because they aren't in the club. The millions of dollars teams like Baylor (3-9) get merely for being included in a BCS conference only makes me less happy with the system.

The new BCS rules do help to include these types of teams, but my main objection here is that I think there should be a playoff for college football, but that's a different post.

Anyway, after BYU's win over Utah, there has been a lot of talk on cougarboard.com about the chances that BYU will go to a BCS bowl. People have all sorts of theories that require several ranked teams to lose. One post states that if Boston College, Hawaii, Tennessee, Oregon, USC, and Arizona lose, BYU is in.


In my opinion, the Tulsa game was huge. If the Cougars had defeated the Golden Hurricanes, they would be playing Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl or whatever. But as it stands, Tulsa's QB tore the BYU secondary apart and that was that. No BCS for BYU.

And honestly, I'm fine with that. I like the direction this team is headed, but I think the Cougars would get manhandled against an LSU or Virginia Tech.

2008 and 2009, on the other hand... I'm excited to see what this team can do with a senior-laden offense. Unga, Hall, Pitta, Collie and Jorgensen with another year of experience?

BCS (and the $6 million payout) here we come!

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