20 March 2009

African Union, France, U.S. not happy with Mada

"The council is of the opinion that what occurred in Madagascar enters the definition of unconstitutional change of government," said Burkina Faso's Ambassador Bruno Nongoma Zidouemba, Chairman of the AU's Peace and Security Council (PSC).

"The council then decided to suspend the participation of Madagascar to the bodies and organs of the AU."


The United States is moving to suspend all non-humanitarian aid to Madagascar because it considers this week's forced departure of its president "tantamount to a coup d'etat," State Department spokesman Robert Wood said Friday.


Bottom line, Mada probably won't host the African Union summit scheduled to take place in Antananarivo this July, the U.S. will stop funding business and governmental projects in the country.

This won't do anything to stop the transfer of power from happening.

It'll be interesting to see what direction Andry takes the country in. Will he continue on the road Marc was on (capitalism with sprinklings of socialism) or will be follow in Ratsiraka's footsteps of establishing close ties to North Korea?

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