05 March 2009

Jazz win again and Western Conference madness

Huh, the Jazz finally get healthy and are now on a nine-game winning streak and have won 13 of their last 15. That makes them the hottest team in the league right now, tied with Cleveland for the most wins in their last 10 games.

After beating the Rockets last night, 101-94, they are only one game behind Denver in the division. But that said, they are only seventh in the Western Conference.

Now, normally that's a cause to worry. But this year, much like last year, is crazy tight in the playoff race.

ONE GAME separates the 3-spot from the 7-spot. And only 2 1\2 games separate Utah from the Spurs in second place. It's insane. The Jazz play the Nuggets tomorrow night in Denver, a big game.

But really, they're all going to be big games from now until the end of the season. Teams can't afford to drop one or two against lesser opponents if they want to get into the playoffs. No one, with the exception of LA, will be resting their starters those last few games of the regular season.

Should make for some good basketball.

Let's go Jazz!

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LaPaube said...

Yeah, the Jazz looked pretty good against Houston last night. I caught the fourth quarter. I will say, though, I have never seen so many fouls go uncalled. On both sides. And when the guys figured out that nothing was going to be called, they really started going after it. Luckily, Utah has bangers at every position.